Different Salad Bar Ideas

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Salad bars are buffets that provide diners a broad variety of fresh vegetables and usually some fruits. You may find salad bars at private party events and restaurants. It is an easy option for giving diners and party guests lots of variety. Salad bar ideas can range from vegetables to meats like chicken or ham to sunflower seeds and dried cranberries.

Ideas on what to put on a salad bar

Salad bars almost always start with the salad itself. Opt for various leafy greens such as kale, spinach, spring and romaine salad. Following the salad, almost any vegetable can do as long as it is cut into bite-sized pieces. It’s also practical to those that are in season. Famous salad bar ideas for ingredient choices include snow peas, cucumbers, shredded zucchini and carrots, sliced mushrooms that are either marinated or raw, diced banana or bell peppers, artichoke hearts, olives and cherry tomatoes.  Fruits and vegetables may not be sufficient to make a meal for everybody. You can put in proteins such as cubed and cut and chicken, turkey or ham, or even tofu for vegetarian people. Ingredients to top your salad have come a long way from just shriveled bacon pieces and croutons. You can offer dried fruits such as cranberries and pumpkin or sunflower seeds. Add pine nuts, walnuts, crushed peanuts and slivered almonds for crunch and added healthy fat and protein. Salad bars usually comprise standard dressings in light, regular, fat-free versions. Most diners will ask for standbys like Italian, French and ranch. Health-conscious people may favor a light vinaigrette dressing like raspberry.

Salad bar ideas: Italian and Tex-Mex Salad Bar

An Italian-inspired salad bar must have some pasta side dishes and luscious greens. You can use spinach and Romaine lettuce for the greens. Ideas for salad bar toppings consist of common vegetables such as onions and tomatoes. You can also add various types of olives and smoked meats. Pepperoni, salami and prosciutto, go really well on an Italian-inspired salad. On the other hand, a Tex-Mex salad bar must be loaded with lots of fresh greens tossed with some Tex-Mex spice as Tex-Mex foods are spicy, flavorful and smoky. For toppings, you can add chopped onions, tomatoes, black beans, mixed cheeses and corn. To achieve a grilled flavor, cook and add some boneless and skinless chicken breasts.

Salad bar ideas: Southern and Fruit Salad Bar

You can also serve up a Southern style salad bar. You may use a lettuce blend for the basic greens. Put in some quartered tomatoes, sliced cucumbers and red onions. Different colors of chopped bell peppers must also be on the salad bar. Then you may add in some strips or fried chicken. Pickles as well as fried pickles go wonderfully on Southern-inspired salad bars. Salad bar ideas for meats to include are chopped ham, roast beef and turkey. Meanwhile, a fruit salad bar is another refreshing way to serve food to your guests. Begin with fresh baby lettuce that is arranged neatly in a plastic or glass bowl. You can then fill up the rest of the bar with different fruits. Excellent choices to include are chopped watermelon, pineapple, peaches and cantaloupe. In order to avoid long hours of prepping your fruit, you can purchase bagged pre-cut or fresh-frozen fruits.

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